Volunteer in McLean, Reston or Both

SPARC’s guiding belief is inclusion.  We believe that everyone should be able to interact with their community regardless of any physical or other condition.

The same principle holds for people not yet involved in SPARC. We want to include you in our part of the world.

We are always looking for people who can visit our McLean or Reston clubs to share with us.  You can participate in our activities or tell us about your world.  We are adults, and we’re always looking to learn more about how other adults work in our community.  Whether you’re a dog groomer, a fire fighter or a school teacher, we would love for you to visit our clubhouses.   Please call Donna at 703.338.6185 or use our contact form if you can visit us.

Pro-bono opportunities

We are thankful for the various professionals who have donated their expertise to us in the past.  You can see many of them on our supporter page.  Chiropractors, web designers and developers, advertising agencies, photographers and attorneys have all given us the precious gift of their time.  Their work on our behalf enables us to stretch donated money further and help even more people.

We have doubled the number of people we serve in just two years!

We need a CPA Volunteer!

Many of our grant responses require audited financials.  We understand ours is a relatively easy process because of size, but this work needs to be done by a licensed professional. If you are a certified accountant in the DC metro area and can perform our audit, you will save us one of our biggest expenses of the year!  If there is even a remote possibility of you helping us with this important accounting and auditing work, please call Donna at 703-338-6185 or use our contact form.

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