SPARC Connects

SPARC Connects

SPARC Connects brings a professional social worker to your support team and helps you create a life plan. You help set your goals, and we connect you with the best resources that let you focus on living the life you choose to live. Your advocate will spend time with you and on your goals, so you can stay on track, conquer new challenges and enjoy life instead of wrestling with bureaucracies. Everyone on your support team can be involved, but your advocate is a highly trained professional who works for you.

SPARC Connects even makes it easy for you to attend vocational and life skills classes at low prices.

The program succeeds because we work together on what matters to you. SPARC Connects brings a professional into your life who learns about your circumstances today and helps you plan for where you want to be in the future. You get quality, affordable community matchmaking services during the planning phase and ongoing support that coordinates with you and those services in the future.

Helping You Connect with the World

Joining SPARC Connects is like hiring a personal life coach who helps you when you need assistance. Our professional human services team will even work with your caregiver, personal support attendant or family to help them with community programs you’ve chosen to achieve the goals on your plan.

You are never alone with SPARC Connects.

Imagine your own advocate working with you to achieve your goals and maximize your financial resources so you can reach the solutions you want to reach, whether that’s a job, living independently, making new friends, or traveling and experiencing new things.

Everything we do for you is based on our belief that every person should be able to interact in their community, We created SPARC Connects after working with adults with disabilities for a decade in SPARC clubhouses located in three Northern Virginia communities. Providing day support for adults with disabilities is important, and that may be something you choose as part of your plan. And the best part of SPARC Connects is the low price. You’ll pay only $150 each month after you and your advocate create a plan at a very reasonable cost.

Talk with us now. Learn how SPARC Connects can help you meet your goals and live the life you want to live. Call us at 703.338.6185 or send us a note using the convenient form below to bring a professional SPARC Connects disability social worker into your life today.

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