The power within us

Not every hero is “faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound”. And when they can’t, they are infinitely more heroic, and their accomplishments are infinitely more inspiring. You be the judge.

Akila, a wheelchair bound young adult with severe disabilities, immigrated to the United States from Sri Lanka with his parents and siblings. Here the world would be more accessible to Akila. His overarching dream is to visit Colorado to watch a Denver Broncos football game in person.

Home alone with his caregiver mother, Akila plays a virtual reality game in his bedroom. A loud thud followed by shattering glass and the cries of his mother disrupt the rhythms and music of the game he is playing.

He rolls from his bedroom to the kitchen to see his mother’s eyes and face completely covered with tears, lying on a floor of broken glass, and unable to stand.

Akila’s Turn

He turns his wheelchair to half circle, bends over his legs, and extends his right hand further than he thought possible to reach his mother’s body prone on the kitchen floor. He struggles to gain hold. With strength he does not know he possesses, he raises “the most important person in my life” and carries her to safety.

Letting no obstacle stand in the way of achieving his goal, Akila inspires us at SPARC.

Akila’s story is a powerful testament to the “why” behind SPARC.

 Given the right situation, each of us has a power within us.

The Power Of You

Please use your power to help support our SPARC friends by sending a gift to SPARC now.

Your year-end tax-deductible gift will help SPARC continue to thrive by supporting the visionary programs and projects – large and small – that make SPARC the best it can be.

$10Supplies for one person
$50One life or vocation skills class
$125Social group (outings only)
$150Inclusive community outing for 10
$200One month of Zumba for 30
$47510 weeks of skills classes
$750An entire month of SPARC attendance
$2500Assistive technology for a non-verbal participant
$9000An entire year of SPARC attendance
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